Show Your Daughter Some Love

Truth be told, Valentine‚Äôs Day has always kind of been a wash for me. ¬†I just never really knew what to do on that day. ¬†I was pretty much the boyfriend-less girl in middle school and high school. ¬†You know, that girl. ¬†Married to my books in college and med school. ¬†I have known my husband for almost half of my life, but Valentine‚Äôs Day was never really our thing. ¬†Going out on that day is a major drag. ¬†Its too crowded. ¬†Conversation is too forced. ¬†We pretty much regretted it everytime. ¬†Our special moments together as a couple usually come unplanned and not too far away from home with not so special circumstances or surroundings. ¬†Its the little things for us…We like it that way.
Somewhere out of the corner of my mind and probably inspired by something on Pinterest, I decided to host a Valentine’s Day party with my 5 year old daughter.  Insert mom-of-the-year crown and trophy pic right here.  I instantly saw the smiling heart eyes emoji erupt over my daughter’s face!  We planned for weeks, and just this past weekend pulled it off.  Here is why this is how we will celebrate V-day from here on:
  • The holiday has come to have a very solid central meaning: show some love to someone you love. ¬†You can go anywhere with that. ¬†Love your neighbor. ¬†Love your fur-baby. ¬†Love your teacher. ¬†Or in our case, love your daughter with other moms and their daughters.
  • After Christmas, I always feel cynical. ¬†Why do I always get caught up on the spending for a holiday that has nothing to do with spending? ¬†Valentine‚Äôs Day can be super low key cost wise, but so meaningful. ¬†We handmade almost everything for our guests with low cost items. ¬†And it was beautiful.
  • The most meaningful part of how we did this holiday was the gathering of women. ¬†I just cannot have enough opportunities to show my daughter how meaningful it is to gather as women and do what we do. ¬†Build. ¬†Nurture. ¬†Connect. ¬†Blaze. ¬†It was all there.

We crafted, danced, had mimosas and ate cupcakes, Mommas and daughters together. ¬†I literally could have exploded, it just captured so much about what I love as a person. ¬†Here are a few photos from the event (via Connie Meinhardt Photography). ¬†What do y’all think? ¬†How do you do Valentine’s Day?